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Fire Risk

Thursday 22nd June 2017

Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility
We all need to do our bit to keep each other safe

We at King Street are both saddened and shocked by the tragic events at Grenfell Tower.

We have controls in place that ensure that Fire Risk assesments are carried out and that any alarms are tested and serviced regularly.

We want to assure Residents that we do not have any high rise properties and that we have not installed cladding that is similar to that used at Grenfell Tower.

We can all play our part in minimising fire risk:

What YOU can do:

Make sure everyone in your home knows what to do if there is a fire
✔ Book a free fire safety visit from the Fire Brigade
✔ Dispose of rubbish in the right place
✔ Install a smoke alarm, and regularly test it
✔ Keep an eye on candles and when cooking with hot oil
✔ Keep communal areas clear of anything that could catch-fire
✔ Keep communal areas clear of anything that could stop people –  particularly those who are old or very young - quickly getting out of the building
✔ Keep petrol, gas cylinders or anything that is highly flammable away from your home and the block if you live in a flat
✔ Use one plug for each appliance


What King Street Housing does:

✔ Carries out fire risk assessments
✔ Maintains communal fire systems, where installed
✔ Keeps areas clean and removes dumped rubbish
✔ Reminds residents about fire safety
✔ Takes action against those who put safety at risk e.g. by  dumping rubbish or leaving things in communal areas


Make sure you know what you would do in the event of a fire

Check out the information and advice on the Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue website:

If you have any concerns talk to us on 01223 312294

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