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Property Management Services

The Society has considerable experience of managing properties on behalf of other landlords. We manage around 130 properties under our private leasing scheme where we can provide guarantees on rents, repairs and handbacks. We have developed strong relationships with many private landlords and property owners throughout the Cambridge area and provide testimonials upon request.

We also manage almshouse properties for  Girton Town Charity and John Huntingdons Charity .

Our Subsidiary Company, King Street Lettings, offers a service to Landlords looking to obtain a market rent income from their property.

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King Street Housing Society, 89 King Street, Cambridge CB1 1LD tel: 01223 312 294 fax: 01223 355 394

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The Society is registered with the Housing Corporation under the Housing Act 1974, registration number L0993 and with the Financial Services Authority under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965, registration number 17405R. VAT Registration No. 759 7981 73. King Street is an exempt charity under Inland Revenue registration number XR18023